Keep your basement dry tips!

April 18, 2017

Tips to help keep the melt out of your basement
Warm spring like conditions have arrived in Pincher Creek.  The warm temperatures and rain can spell disaster for your basement or crawl space.    The warming can cause the snow around your foundation and ice dams to melt and seep into your house.  Here are a few protection tips to keep your basement and crawl spaces dry during the melt.

Clear snow away from your home
The first way to protect your basement is to keep melting snow away from your foundation walls. Make sure to pile the snow in a way that will allow the melting snow to drain away from your house.

Check your gutters & downspouts for clogs
If your gutters are clogged with debris, runoff from rainwater and melting ice and snow will dump right next to your foundation. Make sure your gutters and downspouts are draining away from the foundation walls. 

Check to make sure your sump pump is working
Most homeowners don’t realize they have a problem with their sump pump until their basement is flooded. If your home doesn't have a sump pump, consider installing one. A great starting point is a local plumber.

Fix cracks in your foundation walls
A crack in your basement wall is a sign of hydrostatic pressure, or water pushing against your foundation. The pressure creates wall cracks and the water can eventually find its way into your basement. A crack in your basement floor can be a sign of a structural problem and can also allow water to seep into your basement. 

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