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Crowsnest/Pincher Creek Landfill Assoc. (EAB 18-011) Letter April 15, 2020 - Hearing Notice

April 16, 2020

PDF of Notice 

Dear Ms. Wilgosh and Mr. Thomas:
Re: Crowsnest/Pincher Creek Landfill Association
EPEA Approval No. 18701-02-01/Our File No.: EAB 18-011
This is to advise that the Environmental Appeals Board has scheduled a hearing
of the above noted appeal, via written submissions, beginning on July 2, 2020.
The Board, as part of its normal practice when a hearing is scheduled, is
enclosing a copy of its Notice of Hearing for your information and requests the Notice be placed
on the Town of Pincher Creek and Municipality of Crowsnest Pass public bulletin boards or
websites. The Board's Notice of Hearing contains a deadline of May 11, 2020 for applications
from others to make representations before the Board. After May 11, 2020 the Board will, in its
discretion, determine if other persons may make representations and the manner in which they
can be made.
For your information, the Board's purpose is to hear appeals regarding certain
decisions made by Alberta Environment and Parks under the Environmental Protection and
Enhancement Act, the Water Act, the Emissions Management and Climate Resilience Act, and
Schedule 5 of the Government Organization Act.
The information requested is necessary to allow the Environmental Appeals
Board to perform its function. The information is collected under the authority of the Freedom of
Information and Protection of Privacy Act, section 33(c). Section 33(c) provides that personal
information may only be collected if that information relates directly to and is necessary for the
processing of this appeal. The information you provide will be considered a public record.
Please do not hesitate to contact the Board if you have any questions. We can
be reached toil-free by first dialling 310-0000 followed by 780-427-6569 for Valerie Myrmo,
Registrar of Appeals, and 780-427-7002 for Denise Black, Board Secretary. We can also be
contacted via e-mail at or

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