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Trailer Parking Survey

May 28, 2020

Council for the Town of Pincher Creek is requesting your feedback on trailer parking within the community. 
Please complete the following survey to share your feedback on the Town of Pincher Creek Traffic Bylaw #1599. Your response will assist Council for the Town of Pincher Creek in determining if amendments are required regarding how the Traffic Bylaw addresses RV's and trailers parking on the street.

No changes have been made to Traffic Bylaw #1559 at this time. Town Council wants to hear from residents prior to considering amendments.
At the May 11 Council meeting, Council heard the following recommendations from the Operations committee, partnered with Pincher Creek Municipal Enforcement Department: 
-Shortening the time period allowing trailers and RV's to be parked on the street from;
April 1-October 21 (current permitted time) to May 1-September 30 (proposed change).
-Trailers must always be attached to a vehicle.
- If utilizing street parking, trailers can only be parked in front of your residential property.
As you complete this survey, please keep in mind how all trailers (RV's, utility trailers, travel trailers, motor-homes, flatbed trailers and boat trailers) park on the public roadway around the community.  

The current Traffic Safety Bylaw can be viewed here. 

The trailer parking survey will close at 11:55 p.m. on June 19, 2020.


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