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An open letter from the Pincher Creek Health Professions Attraction & Retention Society

July 18, 2020

Pincher Creek Attraction & Retention Committee
Pincher Creek, Alberta
Dear Community Members,
As the Pincher Creek Health Professions Attraction & Retention Society we would like
to begin this update with another heartfelt thank you to all the volunteers and participants who attended the Rally For Rural Healthcare two weeks ago. It was an amazing expression of commitment from our community and we are so thankful for this.
Our local physicians announced several months ago that they would be withdrawing all hospital services August 1st unless the government agreed to work towards an agreement with doctors. They will continue to work out of the clinic, but will leave coverage of the Alberta Health Services facility to AHS and government, who have indicated that replacement physicians will be found to maintain services. Despite this promise, the group says that (as of last week) one third of the emergency shifts are still not covered, and there has been no news of a long-term plan for sustaining inpatient,surgical, and obstetrical services.
The Pincher Creek Health Professions Attraction & Retention Society has worked hard to raise awareness of the upcoming healthcare crisis in our community as a result of the government’s ongoing dispute with physicians across the province. We would like to remind you that our doctors are simply asking for an agreement so that they are able to plan for the future. Without job security there is no way to attract much needed recruits to our community, and they fear current physicians will leave for a better work
environment in other provinces.

With the recent arrival of Covid-19 to the area it is even more important that we maintain our medical services. Unfortunately, we feel that we have exhausted all available options through this committee and can only encourage you to raise your concerns with our local MLA.
We cannot emphasize enough how important it is for you, the voting population, to express your wishes by contacting your MLA (details below). Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter.

On behalf of the Pincher Creek Health Professions Attraction & Retention Society,

Chair, Dick Burnham

Please contact:
Roger Reid MLA
Constituency Office
618 Center Street SE
High River, AB
T1V 1E9

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