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Winter Street Maintenance Policy

November 9, 2020

Please see the full policy here. 

The Town of Pincher Creek will provide priorities for the control of ice and snow conditions
on streets and sidewalks based on limited resources available.
Snowfall plowing is initiated after an average depth of snowfall of 25cm/9 inches or more, or where the snowfall significantly impedes traffic. 
Plowing shall be undertaken subject to the following priorities:
1st - All hills and emergency vehicle routes
2nd - Portions of Main Street
3rd - School zones during regulated hours
4th - Stop and yield signs in commercial areas
5th - Stop and yield signs in residential areas
Reasonable attempts are made to avoid blocking driveways with various plowing techniques including the use of a grader gate which momentarily blocks the flow of a windrow. 

Priority areas for snow shall be: 
1st Downtown core- Waterton Avenue west to Rimmington Avenue 
2nd East Avenue- Main Street south the Kettles Street 
3rd School Zone cross walks 
4th Kettles Street - East Ave to Police Avenue 
5th Polcie Avenue- Main Street South to Kettles Street 
6th St. John Avenue - Main Street south the Kettles Street 
7th Livingstone Way 
8th Elementary School Zone Bus Loading Areas 

Snow being cleared from private property may not be placed on boulevards or streets. 

Please see the full policy here. 

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Meetings of Council NOW VIRTUAL
November 26, 2020
Meetings of Council for the Town of Pincher Creek have moved to a virtual meeting. 
ASP Open house postponed
November 26, 2020
ASP postponed. 
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November 20, 2020
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