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Ministerial Order No. MSD:103/21

October 8, 2021

Notice from:  Municipal Services Division, Municipal Affairs, Government of Alberta

The Local Authorities Election Act (LAEA) only allows electors to vote if they are inside the voting station at closing time.  Minister McIver has approved Ministerial Order No. MSD:103/21, enabling electors to vote in the upcoming local election if they are in line at the close of the voting station. This provision aligns with processes used for provincial elections.
How this order will be implemented may vary depending on the nature of each voting station. For example, if the voting station is in a school gymnasium or recreation centre with ample hallway space, it may be possible to bring the electors inside the building to line up in the hallways while still maintaining the 2 meter distancing.
For a voting station without enough indoor space for line-ups, electors would continue to wait in line outside the building. In this instance, one example shared by Elections Alberta is for an election official to stand at the end of the line at the close of the station to communicate to anyone still arriving to vote that the station has closed. We do not recommend placing a sign or barrier indicating the end of a line because the line will move while the barrier or sign will not.


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