How to become a lifeguard

October 25, 2021

Have you thought about becoming a lifeguard and/or working at the pool?
The Pincher Creek Swimming Pool is looking for part-time and casual lifeguards and front desk staff to work weekends, holidays, evenings. It is a great way to work, stay active and you will receive some great pool perks!  We have courses right here in Pincher Creek, you could become a fully certified lifeguard and start earning money this fall and winter.

How to become a certified lifeguard right here in Pincher Creek:
1) Bronze Medallion
2) Standard First Aid & CPR
3) Bronze Cross
4) National Lifeguard – Pool
*You must be 16 years old by the last day of the National Lifeguard course
What’s in it for me?

  • $17.49 - $23.71 per hour
  • Flexible schedule, great for students or parents
  • Free Swimming
  • Union position with the Town of Pincher Creek
  • A certification you take with you and can use in many places
  • On the job training
What we are looking for:
Certified guards and Front Desk staff who can work:
  • evenings
  • weekends
  • part time
How much does it cost?
Bronze Medallion $160
Bronze Cross $143
Standard First Aid $176
National Lifeguard $367

For more information or learn more about these programs contact Blake at the Pool 403 627 2565 or

To Apply:
For those with current certifications or those interested in the front desk position, you can apply by emailing your resume to Adam Grose at

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