Mission and Vision

Our Mission

To advance the best interests of our community through well-planned, responsive and accountable public service. 

Our Vision

Pincher Creek is a vibrant and wecolming community that provides opportunity and a good quality of life for all. 


We Value

Our people: Citizens, Volunteers, Staff and Council members; 

Respectful relationships between all stakeholders built on trust, responsibility & accountability;

Community teamwork that brings out the best in all our stakeholders;

Enabling and encouraging creative thinking to solve priority problems;

Sincere two-way communication to both receive input and inform all concerned;

A safe, friendly and vibrant community;

Sustainability: economic, ecological and intergenerational;

Transparent decision-making processes;

and Commitment to excellence.


2022 Strategic Plan

Council Strategic Priorities ----->Click here. 


Town of Pincher Creek

962 St. John Avenue, Pincher Creek, AB