Communities in Bloom

Communities in Bloom is a Canadian non-profit organization committed to fostering civic pride, environmental responsibility, beautification and to improving the quality of life through community participation and the challenge of competition.


Drought & Deer Resistant Perennial Recommendations

Why plant drought tolerant and deer resistant plants?

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Town of Pincher Creek - A "Community in Bloom"

Pincher Creek became involved in a beautification movement after the impact of the Flood of '95. A public meeting was held in spring 1996 to see what could be doone to 'spruce up' the town and build commuinity pride. In the fall of that year, a group of volunteers (which later became known as the 'Pincher Planters') started on their first project by creating a flower bed around the metal 'pincer' statue on Main Street. In 1998, the Planters went on to beautify Cenotaph Park, Pioneer Cemetery and the Museum grounds. The Planters' efforts were contagious and soon businesses and residents were out gardening, planting flowers, and improving their properties. Other volunteer groups got involved with parks and community improvements.

In 2000, the Town of Pincher Creek and Pincher Planters decided to enter the Provincial Communities in Bloom competition, and in 2001 the Town won the category, earning 5 Blooms and an invitation to Nationals.

The Journey Continues
To complement the work of the Pincher Planters and to promote the Communities in Bloom program, a formal Committee was organized in 2002. The role of this group was to prepare for the annual judges visit each year and to encourage ongoing community initiatives in areas such as tidiness, tree planting, environmental awareness, etc.

Pincher Creek has continued to compete at a Provincial and National level, winning a National title in 2009! In 2010, Pincher Creek was honoured with the National Home Hardware "Community Involvement Award," recognizing the many groups and organizations that contribute to the betterment and beautification of Pincher Creek. Our latest achievement is winning the 2015 Class of Champions and special recognition of our Lebel Mansion Rose Garden. We also competed in the International Challenge in 2016, receiving an Honourable Mention.

How are we evaluated each year?

Each summer, Pincher Creek is evaluated by a volunteer jury of trained professionals. The Town Council, Staff, and Communities in Bloom Committee Members meet with the judges to highlight and tour the many accomplishments of the community in the following areas:

Other Committee Projects:

How can you help? Pitch-in!


Committee members feel a sense of community pride and accomplishment when participating in Communities in Bloom projects.

Everyone is a winner for contributing!

Pincher Creek Participation in Communities in Bloom

2024 Circle of Excellence Not Evaluated
2023 Recognition for Wayfinding Signage  
2023 Circle of Excellence Evaluated
2022 Circle of Excellence Not Evaluated
2021 Circle of Excellence Not Evaluated
2022 Circle of Excellence Not Evaluated
2019 Tree Management Award Winner
2019 Community Appearance Award Winner
2018 International Challenge Evaluated
2017 Circle of Excellence Not Evaluated
2016 International Challenge Evaluated
2015 Class of Champions Winner
2014 Circle of Excellence Not Evaluated
2013 Circle of Excellence Evaluated
2012 Circle of Excellence Not Evaluated
2011 Circle of Champions 5 Blooms
2010 Circle of Excellence 5 Blooms
2009 National Champion 5 Blooms
2008 Nationals 5 Blooms
2007 Provincial Champion 5 Blooms
2006 Provincials 5 Blooms
2004 Friends of Calgary  
2003 Nationals 4 Blooms
2002 Nationals  4 Blooms
2001 Provincial Champion 4 Blooms
2000 Provincials 3 Blooms

For more information on this initiative, please contact the Pincher Creek Recreation Office at (403) 627-4322, or

Also, feel free to visit the Communities in Bloom Website or their Facebook page for pictures and information on the organization and other competing communities

Town of Pincher Creek

962 St. John Avenue, Pincher Creek, AB